TuffRide was establishing in 2014, as a better alternative to what was already available in the market.  The designers of TuffRide suspension noticed quite a few floors in the current design of suspension and put pen to paper to create TuffRide.

Since the release of TuffRide Suspension, the suspension industry has been playing catch-up in order to compete.  This is due to many factors that TuffRide engineered and made standard on all of their suspension kits. This includes our bushes which carry a lifetime warranty, and to date, have never replaced a single bush in any of the suspensions ever sold.


Energy Minimization Technology (EMT), which refers to the location of the coil in regards to the active loads in which the suspension is met with, paired with the tough, robust and comfortable twin EFS Shock Absorbers which carry a 100,000km 3 year warranty with nationwide support, TuffRide is able to reduce the load that is transferred into the caravan and chassis by up to 35% when compared to other independent suspensions on the market.


Because of this, we are able to push our product further than anyone else on the market, by giving a load carrying capacity of up to 3200kg, on a single axle.  One of our suspension arms are able to handle much more than these forces.  In fact, each arm has been FEA test to withstand over 2000kg (4000kg per axle group).


·    TuffRide now comes with a 5-year warranty as standard.

·    Available as standard in many disc and drum configurations including, 5 & 6 Stud Landcruiser as well as 8 Stud Dodge Ram.


·    Airbag options are available and if optioned from day one can be upgraded from a coil in the future.


·    Australian Owned, Operated and Manufactured, from Australian Steel – 100% Aussie.


11 Patrick St,

Campbellfield, VIC

3061, Australia



Ph: (03) 9351 1085

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