TuffRide DRS

TuffRide DRS has been specifically designed for the harsh Aussie environment, with 1,000’s of kilometres of extreme testing done.  TuffRide DRS has been torture tested to it’s limits in the gruelling Australian outback, from scorching temperatures in the Desert to steep rocky Victorian High Country tracks, we can safely say TuffRides DRS is real world tested and passed with flying colours.

TuffRide DRS is available in both single and tandem axle configurations, as well as 10" and 12" drum sizes.  DRS comes standard with off-road brakes and is configurable from 750kg right through to 4500kg load ratings.

DRS 12" can be Upgraded to electric over hydraulic Disc Brakes as well as Airbag upgrades.  For more information on airbag upgrades, Click Here.

We at TuffRide understand that towing an off-road caravan/trailer can reduce your vehicles off-road ability, and this is why we strive to make the drag of your caravan/trailer as minimal as possible.  DRS is available in a range of wheel offsets to suit your vehicles wheel track, as well as to make rims cross compatible with your vehicle and caravan/trailer.  We have also designed DRS to have as much ground clearance as possible while maintaining an extremely strong product.  Furthermore we have reduced the drag of your caravan/trailer by having a massive 180mm of travel (flex), which allows it to soak bump and ruts and reduce the force enacted on the vehicle.

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