TuffRide Suspension

TuffRide suspension has been specifically designed for the harsh Aussie environment, with 1,000’s of kilometres of extreme testing done.  Each product produced by TuffRide has been torture tested to it’s limits in the gruelling Australian outback,  from scorching temperatures in the Desert to steep rocky Victorian High Country tracks, we can safely say TuffRides Suspension is real world tested and passed with flying colours.



















EFS Shockers

Here at TuffRide, we believe in only using the best products available.  The EFS Shock Absorber Range is developed for the 4WDer who only wants the best for their 4WD. EFS is built with high quality Internal & external components combined together to give you excellent performance and longevity. With 51mm - 60mm External Tubes - Greater oil capacity to keep the valve at a lower operating temperature which is excellent for corrugations while still allowing the Trailer or Caravan to flex well.  EFS is backed by a 3 year/100,000km warranty.

TuffRide has a suspension kit to suit everyones needs, from extreme off road, to carrying heavy loads and every thing in between.  TuffRide offers Single and Tandem axle Independent Suspension to suit everything from a 6x4 box trailer through to a tandem caravan and all with extreme off-road capability.


TuffRide has developed it’s own market leading drums and backing plates to suit 6 x 139 LandCruiser/Patrol wheel stud patterns, the drums come complete with baked enamel paint and with our large taper wheel bearings (74mm wide), it means less time for maintenance and more time for travelling.





All of our Suspension kits are available with an Airbag option.  Once again we use only the best and when it comes to airbags, the best is Airbag Man.  All of our airbag kits are supplied by Airbag Man, so you can feel safe having great quality products under your ride.  We offers 4 Stages of airbag, for more information on Airbags please click here.

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