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Frequently Asked Questions

Bearing Numbers?

10" Brakes (1600kg single), (3300kg tandem).

Inner: L68149/110

Outer: L68149/110

Seal: 28600

Service Schedule 

How much pressure should I have in my Caravan airbags?

As a general rule:

Tandem Axle: Between 50-80PSI. Do not exceed 100PSI.

Single Axle: Between 70-100PSI. Do not exceed 100PSI.

Airbag Manual

What height should I tow my Caravan at with Airbags installed?

The airbag should be 250mm +/-25mm, when measuring from the top to the bottom of the airbag.

Airbag Manual

How long is my warranty?

TEKO TuffRide Suspension carries a 2-year (24-month) warranty on all parts and workmanship. This can be extended out to a total of 5-years, 100,000km by registering your suspension with us.

Register Here

Warranty Infomation

How can I identify if my suspension 'Airbag Ready'?

The easiest way to identify this is by comparing the photo with the 'Top Coil Plate' that is welded onto your chassis.  If you have a square plate, you have a 'Coil Only Suspension', if there is a rounded section pointing towards your shock absorbers, then you have an 'Airbag Ready Suspension'.  If you are still unsure, please email through some photos of this area to us:

Bearing Numbers?

12" Brakes (2800kg single), (4400kg tandem).

Inner: 25580/20

Outer: 15123/245

Seal: 33940

Service Schedule 

How can I make my caravan more stable when towing?

Check that your shock absorbers bolts are set to 75Nm, and that your wheel alignment is still within specification.

Wheel Alignment Instructions

What is the ride height?
Axle centre to the bottom of the chassis should be within 10% of 250mm.

How often should I service my Caravan?

You should service your Caravan at the same rate your vehicle requires maintained.  Please refer to the service schedule for further information. 

Service Schedule 

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